Other Services

Ongoing Maintenance

In addition to regular tuning and occasional repairs, pianos also require extra servicing from time to time. We can carry out such things as cleaning (especially important for grand pianos which can collect a lot of dust on the soundboard and around the tuning pins) as well as toning and regulation.

These jobs are just as important as tuning but need doing less frequently. People are often amazed at how much more rewarding it can be to play the piano after this sort of servicing is carried out.


The state of a piano’s hammers is perhaps the most critical factor in determining its tone quality. Being made of felt (tightly compacted wool fibres) they are affected by constant hitting against the strings, as well as atmospheric conditions. In order to get the best out of a piano, it will from time to time need voicing – which involves shaping and working on the hammer felt in very specific ways to bring out the best possible tone.

“Hi, Steve. Just wanted to tell you that you are a genius. The change you made to my piano yesterday is brilliant. It is now so much easier to get a consistent sound across the keyboard. Thanks so much for sorting it out.”

Hammers that are flattened or grooved from playing can often sound very poor – normally hard, bright or “clangy”, and frequently very uneven. Depending on the amount of wear this can often be improved considerably. Even new hammers normally need some voicing to “match” them to the scaling and sound of the piano.

This is very specialised work which we are able to carry out if required.


This involves making all the necessary adjustments to a piano’s action in order to keep it working in the way that it was designed to. Each note has a number of points at which it may be adjusted to get the right depth of touch, weight and feel of the keys, and a good response when playing at the full range of volume levels.
After a lot of use, due to compression and wear of felt and leather etc., this becomes necessary if you want the best response from the piano.


As the years go by, parts of the piano will deteriorate to some extent, so periodically there is a need to repair parts or renew some of the felt or other components. Pianos that have been neglected or used very heavily can require extensive repairs and we will be happy to give advice on this if needed.