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Piano Rental

Want a good quality piano for a minimal initial outlay? Have you thought about renting a piano?

Provided you are within a reasonable distance from us and have a ground floor location, you can rent a piano – either for a fixed period of time, or open-ended.

Perhaps you want to try a piano before committing to purchasing it? Once you are renting you are free to  purchase it, or another piano, if you wish – with discounts according to the rental payments you have made.


The cost of renting is simple to work out: 3% the purchase price per month. An initial down-payment (normally £180) is also required to cover delivery and collection. If you are more than 30 miles from us this charge will be higher, and for brand new pianos there is an additional £200 deposit.

Minimum rental period is normally 6 months, though we can be quite flexible and shorter times can be arranged and quoted for individually.

Buying a Rented Piano

The piano may be purchased at any time. If you buy within six months, all your rental payments and your collection charge are refunded. After six months, 75% of all rentals paid plus collection charge will be refunded by deducting this amount from the price.

Please enquire if you would like more details of piano rental.